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Beanie Kids

Beanie Kids are palm-sized plush toys, under-filled with beans that are fun to treasure and collect!

These soft, cuddly, go-anywhere plush pals all have their own names, birthdays, and their own little personalities displayed on the swing tag. When you purchase a Beanie Kid, be sure to look after it. The condition of your Beanie Kid and their swing tag could mean hundreds of dollars to a collector in the future.

Beanie Kids are not only adorable and sweet but they are great fun to collect! Building up your collection and travelling about "hunting" for the bear you want is all part of the excitement! The thrill of finding that elusive bear is hard to describe. Collectors love showing off their collection. Whether it's 10 or 1000! Beanie Kids look fantastic when they are displayed together. Many Beanie Kids are now released in themes or series. This is a quick and easy way to start building up your collection. Or if you are really serious try hunting down every Beanie Kid ever released! Either way Beanie Kids are always fun to be with!

Each has their own name, birthday and zodiac sign on their swing tags. This gives the collector a date to celebrate their Beanie Kids birthdays, and find Beanie Kids with birthdays the same as their own, or their friends or family.

Authenticity look-a-likes produced by other companies should not be confused with the original Beanie Kids which bear the Skansen hang tag.

Since August 2011, all new releases of our Beanie Kids have a secret code featured on a second swing tag. This code allows you access to online games, competitions and the Beanie Kids Collect & Get program.

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