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Alkaline Brewery Cleaner 1kg


NEW Keg King’s Alkaline Brewery Cleaner for All Purpose Brewery Cleaning

Atomic 15 ABC is a cleaning composition suited for cleaning breweries and other food processing equipment. It is Australian-made, non-caustic and food-safe. Whether it is sediment deposits in kegs, hardened beer stone in fermentors or off flavour in beer lines, Atomic 15 ABC is a powerful cleaning solution that takes the work out of cleaning your brewery.

The mixture comprises of peroxygens, saponifiers, chelators, and surfactants; all of which work synergistically to remove proteins, stains, grease and other organic matter from surfaces. Compared to cleaners such as sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), ABC is non-caustic and much safer to use because it is less harsh on metals, cleans at lower temperatures and is easier to rinse. ABC is also more robust than other non-caustic cleaners such as sodium percarbonate because of its ability to bind up dissolved metals in hard water, which would otherwise hinder the cleaning activity. Atomic 15 ABC is a safe and economical cleaning choice for breweries of all sizes.

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