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Ava the Bear

Ava loves going to the movies. It’s her favourite pastime. She can’t wait till Saturday night comes around. That’s the night she goes off the cinema in Beanie Town. She buys her ticket, then she buys the biggest box of popcorn and a huge drink. She always makes sure she is seated before the movie starts so she can watch all the previews. Although Ava has a lot of friends, she likes to go the cinema by herself so she can get lost in the film for a couple of hours. Ava loves all types of movies especially funny ones. But if she’s seeing a sad movie she always takes a full box of tissues with her. Last week Ava had a problem. She was sitting in her seat waiting for the film to begin when Mad Hatter and Trev the Train Driver Bear came in and sat down in front of her. Ava couldn’t see a thing except two giant hats! Thankfully they removed their headwear before the movie started.

Birth Date: 16-Dec-2011

Star Sign:  Sagitarius

Home:       Beanie Town