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Bibbie the Bear

As you can see Bibbie is a pink fluffy Beanie Kid, but she wasn’t always like that! When she was born, she was pure white! That was until she discovered strawberry ice cream! She would eat it morning, noon and night! Her mother warned her that if she ate too much of something she would start turning into one! Now look at her!!! But Bibbie doesn’t mind, she likes the colour pink. In fact she now lives in a house with pink fluffy wallpaper on the walls. She has a big pink fluffy couch in her lounge and wears pink fluffy slippers around the house. Bibbie doesn’t eat strawberry ice cream anymore, but she loves drinking pink milk with pink marshmallows and eating cupcakes with pink icing. And the best thing about it is that she can be covered in pink crumbs and nobody notices!

Birth Date: 24-Apr-2013

Star Sign:  Taurus

Home:       Beanie Town