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Caterpillar The Bear

Down in Fantasy Glade sitting happily on a colourful mushroom is a very unusual Beanie Kid indeed! Her name is Caterpillar the Bear! Caterpillar likes to ask questions to everyone who passes her mushroom. She is a very inquisitive bear. Caterpillar has been eating as much as possible in preparation of becoming a beautiful butterfly. She is very fond of fairy floss and strawberry ice cream. A combination that has made her body turn pink! Caterpillar has started to design her cocoon. She has been looking through magazines like “Cocoon Beautiful” and “Better Cocoons and Gardens” to get inspiration. She likes the idea of having a window to look out of. Two weeks is a long time to be stuck inside without anything to see! Caterpillar is hoping to get a visit from her friends Alice and Cheshire cat. She is planning a lovely morning tea of leaf sandwiches and twig rolls!

Birth Date: 19-Apr-2013

Star Sign:  Aries

Home:       Fantasy Glade