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Cherry the Rainbow Bear (1 of 8)

Cherry the Rainbow Bear lives in Rainbow land. She has a little red house surrounded by a garden full of cherry trees, strawberries and red roses. Every day she rolls out a red carpet along her pathway to welcome all her friends. Cherry is a magical bear and loves to add red to all sorts of things on Beanie Island. Cherry can ripen apples and tomatoes just by touching them. She loves to touch the leaves of trees to make them go red. Cherry’s favourite season is autumn. Sometimes she goes to Love Land to touch all the hearts. The hearts are much brighter by the time she ‘s finished. At the end of the day Cherry loves to spend time with her other Rainbow Bear friends sliding down the magical Rainbow in Rainbow land. With the help of her friends, Cherry makes sure Beanie Island is a very colourful place to live. 

Birth Date: 7-Jan-2012

Star Sign:  Capricorn

Home:       Rainbow Land