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Citrus the Rainbow Bear (8 of 8)

Citrus loves drinking juice. Her favourite drink is a mixture of oranges, lemons, limes and mandarines. It gives her so much energy that she is able to run up rainbows! Citrus is always bright and bubbly and she brightens up any room she enters. Citrus and her seven friends love to get together whenever there is a shower of rain. When the sun comes out, magic happens! The most beautiful rainbows you will see begin to appear all over Beanie Island. As the sun sets, the entire sky turns a precious golden colour. When the sun falls away and the sky darkens, there are still glints of gold coming from somewhere! Could be the gold at the end of the rainbow? Who nose?

Birth Date: 26-Aug-2012

Star Sign:  Virgo

Home:       Rainbow Land