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Frazzle the Bear

One morning Kayla was sitting in her purple house when she heard something rustling outside her window in the lavender bushes. She looked outside and saw a fuzzy purple creature sitting amongst the plants. At first she thought that her lavender had started growing hair, until the fuzzy creature looked up and said “Frup Frup”. Kayla took the little furry thing inside and gave it some purple grape juice. Then she began to brush its hair. The little purple thing told Kayla its name was Frazzle and that she had been thrown from her spaceship that had crash-landed near the farm. Frazzle cooked a special dish for Kayla to thank her for her generosity. A lavender and plum pie with purple frosting. Since that day they have been best friends. I wonder if any other furry friends with appear on Beanie Island in the near future?

Birth Date: 3-Sep-2011

Star Sign:  Virgo

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