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Frizzle the Bear

A funny thing happened at the Royal Beanie Show the other day. Fairy Floss the Bear who runs the Fairy Floss stand at the show was selling her sweet treats. Ava the Bear walked up to the stand and purchased a big stick of delicious fluffy pink fairy floss. She was just about to bite into it when a little pink face looked up at her and said “Frip Frip!” Hiding in the fairy floss was Frizzle the Bear a funny little character whose space ship had crash-landed on Beanie Island. Frizzle was sticky and covered in pink fairy floss. It was hard to work out where Frizzle started and the fairy floss ended! Ava took Frizzle to Dyeanne’s Hairdressing Salon for a wash and blow dry. It took three bottles of shampoo and conditioner but the result was an extremely happy and fluffy Beanie Kid.

Birth Date: 21-Jan-2012

Star Sign:  Aquarius

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