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Fuzzy the Bear

Strange things have been mysteriously appearing around Beanie Island. The other morning when Farmer Joe was walking through his cotton field, he noticed a big bright pink ball of fluff sitting in between all the cotton balls. He went over to investigate and received the shock of his life when the fluffy pink ball stood up and said “Floop Floop”. Farmer Joe had just been greeted by Fuzzy the Bear. She explained that she was from the planet Furball. Her hairy spaceship had run out of fuel and crash-landed on Beanie Island. She mentioned that her ship ran on shampoo and that she needed to fill her tank so she could return home. Farmer Joe took Fuzzy to Dye-Anne’s salon. While she was there Dye-Anne gave her a wash and blow-dry. Fuzzy was so pleased with the result that she decided make Beanie Island her new home. I wonder if any other furry creatures are going to fall from the sky!

Birth Date: 5-Mar-2011

Star Sign:  Pisces

Home:       The Farm