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Kellie the Surfin' Koala

Kellie has been surfing since she was a baby Koala. When she was small she would use the biggest gum leaf she could find as a surfboard! Kellie lives in a tree house up in a gum tree on Beanie Beach. Every morning at daybreak she paddles out into the water in search of the perfect wave. She loves surfing with her friends Corey the Surf Boy and Surfin’ Santa. After a morning in the water Kellie invites her friends up to her tree house for a cup of gum leaf tee and bark biscuits. Kellie always makes sure she’s wearing her rashie and sunscreen at the beach. She is one “Sunsmart Beanie Kid”

Birth Date: 22-Nov-2012

Star Sign:  Sagittarius

Home:       Beanie Beach