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Madam Medusa the Bear

Beneath her strong stare, Madam Medusa has a warm personality and spends her days relaxing in the sunshine with the flowers and her pal Frangipani the Flower Bear. During Winter Madam Medusa enjoys long naps in her underground home.

Jessica Bunting: Designer of Madam Medusa the Bear

About Me: When I was brainstorming for design ideas I was aiming to identify what hadn't already been touched on by previous Beanie Kids- I wanted something different that would still appeal both to children and adult collectors. I realised that while fantasy has been acknowledged in many Beanie Kids designs, mythology has not been. I have always found Greek mythology to be fascinating and so I thought that designs such as Hercules, Xena and Medusa would be fun to design and turn out well. I hope others enjoy my design as much I enjoyed working on it, it will be fantastic to have my design honoured by being made into a real Beanie Kid.

Beanie Master: Great design Jessica! There is plenty of scope for new ideas in Mythology, although sometimes it can be a bit scary! 

Birth Date: 14-Jan-2012

Star Sign:  Capricorn

Home:       The Caves