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Meow Meow The Farmer Cat (4 of 4)

If you are looking for Meow Meow just search for a sunny spot and you’ll find her. Her favourite place is the north-facing windowsill of the farmhouse. She also loves spending time lying on the banks of the farm’s dam with a fishing rod trying to catch her lunch. Most days she will come back empty handed and end up asking Moo Moo the Cow Bear for some spare milk to drink. Meow Meow can be a bit of a naughty cat. She likes to tease Woof Woof by digging up his bones and replacing them rubber ones! Meow Meow’s most important job is to keep the mice out of the wheat silo. She does this by feeding the mice so much delicious cheese that they are too full to want any boring old wheat!

Birth Date: 12-Feb-2012

Star Sign:  Aquarius

Home:       The Farm