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Moo Moo the Farmer Cow (3 of 4)

Moo Moo spends most of her day in the kitchen of the farmhouse. She loves to cook for all her farmyard friends.  She uses all the produce from the farm to make delicious country style treats. Every morning she wanders about the farm collecting eggs from the chickens and milk from the cows. Then it’s off to the fields to pick the freshest vegetables she can find to make a vegie soup for everybody’s lunch. In the afternoon Moo Moo spends ages churning her milk into the smoothest butter on Beanie Island. Moo Moo is famous for her delicious Green Grass Milkshakes. They’re chewy but they’re tasty!

Birth Date: 9-Jan-2012

Star Sign:  Capricorn

Home:       The Farm