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Robyn the Bear

Robyn is a bear who loves a challenge. She lives in Bean City with her friends Annie the Cowgirl Bear and Bek the Native American Bear. Each month she tries to rob the town’s bank but she only takes her own savings that are kept in the safe. It’s her fun way of “making a withdraw”. Annie expects a visit from Robyn towards the end of each month and is usually ready to catch her in the act. They love to try and outsmart each other. Last month Robyn successfully tricked Annie by slowly rolling past her dressed as a tumbleweed. Every time Robyn robs the bank she returns the next day to deposit her money back in! When Robyn is not robbing the bank she uses her moneybag as her handbag and keeps her make up and phone in it!

Birth Date: 29-Oct-2011

Star Sign:  Scorpio

Home:       The Dunes