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Scarecrow The Bear. The Wizard of Beanie Island (2 of 4)

Scarecrow lives on the farm spending his time scaring the crows away from the corn. Unfortunately he’s not very scary and the crows tend to pull and tug at his ropes making his stuffing fall out! At the end of each day he walks around the field and picks up all the straw that’s fallen out and restuffs his clothes! What Scarecrow would really love is a brain! To be known as “Professor Scarecrow” would be his dream! He has just met his new friends Dorothy and Toto who are on their way to meet the Wizard of Beanie Island. Scarecrow has decided to go along with them. All they have to do is follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Birth Date: 17-Sep-2012

Star Sign:  Virgo

Home:       The Farm