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Seamus O’Beanie the Sea Captain Bear

A mysterious ship has drifted into the Bay O’Beanie and at the wheel is a salty old sea dog named Seamus O’Beanie. You will find him down on the dock practicing his knot tying while singing a sea shanty about one of his many adventures. There was the time when a giant squid attacked his vessel and he turned it into the biggest plate of Calamari rings the world has ever seen. Or he may sing about the time when he conducted a wedding on his ship for a mermaid Prince and his Princess! Maybe you’ll hear about the time when his ship mysteriously disappeared in the Bear-muda Triangle for over a week. Seamus said “It was like being in a gigantic bathtub after someone pulled out the plug!” Who knows what Seamus will discover on his next trip?

Birth Date: 9-Feb-2011

Star Sign:  Aquarius

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