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Sparkleigh the Cat (SPOT THE DIFFERENCE)

Sparkleigh is like any other cat. She loves to sleep and is always looking for a cuddly place to snuggle down. Sparkleigh wasn’t always a bright purple cat. She used to be white ‘till one day when she visited her friend Kayla the Purple Girl Bear’s house. Sparkleigh noticed a pile of cuddly purple clothes in a basket and thought “Hmmm… That looks like a snuggly place for a rest.” She wriggled down into the clothesbasket and fell asleep. A few minutes later Kayla came in and threw the basket of clothes into the washing machine! Poor Sparkleigh wash swished around through all the cycles with Kayla’s purple washing. When the final fluff dry cycle was finished, Kayla open the door to find a very fluffy purple cat! She was so clean and shiny her fur sparkled in the sunlight. You could say Sparkleigh is a very different looking cat in more ways than one!

Birth Date: 18-Jun-2012

Star Sign:  Gemini

Home:       Beanie Town

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