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Samuel Willard's Premium Dark Spiced Rum Spirit Essence - 50ml

Samuel Willards Premium Dark Spiced Rum is a 
tantalizing fusion of tradition and innovation. 
Crafted to emulate the finest dark spiced 
Caribbean rums, aged to perfection with oak, 
and infused with a secret blend of exotic spices, 
Samuel Willards Dark 
Spiced Rum offers a 
sensory journey like 
no other. 
Enjoy this dark spiced 
rum neat or as the 
perfect addition to 
your next dark and 
stormy. In dark 
spiced rum we trust 
for its the elixir of 
freedom and 
Begin your journey to 
the dark side with the 
Samuel Willards dark 
Spiced Rum.

Samuel Willard’s Canadian Whisky produces 2250mL of spirit from each 50mL bottle of essence.

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