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Alcotec 48hr Carbon Turbo Yeast (283g)

If you are looking for a cleaner fermenting turbo yeast then this is the product you want!  Alcotec 48 Carbon Turbo Yeast is an especially developed extra pure variant of Alcotec 48 - the worlds best selling turbo yeast.

As with Alcotec 48 itself, it is based around a "pure" yeast strain which is a temperature tolerant, high alcohol distillers strain and a very precisely composed nutrient. But they didn't stop there, the manufacturer has also added a mixture of high specification activated carbons to push the limits of purity and odour-less fermentation. The precisely composed nutrition, containing its own nitrogen source, a pH regulator, trace minerals, vitamins and an antifoaming agent, it is the perfect yeast compound for creating a high alcohol wash up to 20% but it can also be used for extra fast fermentations to 14% alcohol. 

Results will be even more pure when you use a clearing agent such as TurboKlar prior to distilling. 

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