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Alcotec Turbo Klar

Use Turbo Klar A and B combo pack to remove unwanted yeast and other compounds from the wash.
Within 24 hours Turbo Klar removes over 90% of yeast and other unwanted compounds from the wash to prevent yeast cells from breaking open during the boil and introducing off flavours and smells into your distillate.
Part A: Once fermentation is complete, stir the wash vigorously to remove all of the gas. Once degassed, add the contents of Part A and stir well, then leave to stand for 1 hour.
Part B: After 1 hour, slowly pour part B evenly over the top of the wash while carefully stirring the top surface to help spread it evenly. Do not stir vigorously as this will disrupt the clearing process. Leave to clear for 24 hours. During this time Part B will drop down from the top, taking all unwanted yeast and sediment with it to the bottom.
Water, silicic acid, acid (malic acid), chitosan (crustacean)
Sufficient to treat 25L of wash.

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