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ESB Master Distillers Essences - Chinese Wine Spirit Essence - 50ml

Maotai (茅台) is Produced in the town of Maotai, Guizhou province, Maotai is one of the best-known Chinese wine (baijiu) brands. Maotai is the official Chinese National alcoholic beverages and one of the more expensive too with one of the vintage bottles from Five Star Maotai made in 1955, which went for at auction for over AU$1.5 Million. Our ESB Master Distillers Quality Chinese Wine essence identically recreates the mellow soy sauce-like fragrance of the select grains including broomcorn, rice, wheat and corn and has unique in aroma and taste of sweet cotton candy and hints of savoury Soy beans are dominant on the nose followed by soy sauce, aniseed and a long drying finish. We recommend using our Master Distillers Chinese Wine essence with the 50% ABV vodka such as Smirnoff export strength vodka. This will replicate the flavour of a $200 bottle of Maotai.

Makes 2.25 litres

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