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Fuselex Master Filter

The Fuselex Master Filter delivers the best results, every time. Made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel, and designed for the home brew industry, this filter is the best money can buy. Using 350 grams of Granulated Activated Carbon, (GAC), you get maximum contact time with your beverage, ensuring efficient and effective removal of taint and smell, including chlorides from municipal water. You re not locked into buying a specific brand of carbon, nor do you need to worry about plastic parts being dissolved into your beverage. You can expect this filter to last a life time.
Before you start filtering spirit you need to fill and charge the carbon – steps 1-4:
1: Filling Treatment Chamber with Activated Carbon and Stainless-Steel Mesh Ball: First take half of the s/s mesh ball and insert in the bottom of chamber – then fill from the top approx. 350g carbon; leaving enough room for the other half of the s/s mesh ball.
2: Connect the flow control chamber (see optional extra below) to the treatment chamber.
3: Attach the upper chamber to the treatment chamber and ensure the ball valve is in the off position.
4: Pour 2-3 litres of water (Luke Warm) into the filter. Place a collection bottle under the filter, wait 30 min and open the ball valve to allow 2-3 drips per second until all water has passed through the carbon.
Now to start filtering your spirit:
1: Close the ball valve and add the liquid to be filtered. Wait 45 min to ensure the carbon is saturated with the liquid.
2: Open the ball valve to allow 2 drips per second. This rate will allow sufficient dwell time on the carbon within the treatment chamber.
Optional Extra: Nano Filter in the tip of the tap or pack the flow control chamber using filter media, such as coffee filter or cotton wool. This will prevent carbon dust from being present in the finished product.
Approximately 350 grams of activated carbon will filter approximately 2 batches of 10 litres of liquid.
Once filtering is complete, remove all carbon from the treatment chamber rinse with hot water and dry completely – use for two batches of approx. 10ltr then dispose. Goes well in garden beds.
Clean the entire filter with a mild detergent and then rinse with hot water, then dry completely before storing.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should Sodium Metabisulfite, Chlorine or bleach-based cleaners be used on stainless steel products.
Staining around weld areas: Should any “staining” appear around weld areas, be assured this is NOT rust. This may occur if the filter has not been cleaned correctly after use. Should this occur, please use the following method to clean.
Method: Clean the weld area using a stiff brush (e.g. an old toothbrush) with baking soda. NEVER use a wire brush! Rinse vinegar – hot water and dry completely.
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