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35L Snub Nose - Gen 2


The Keg-King Snub Nose Fermentasaurus is the world’s first commercially available, pressure-capable up to 2.4 Bar, PET fermenter that fits easily in a Series 4 Fridge. The Snub Nose utilises the same highly specialized PET grade material as the original Fermentasaurus. Manufactured in Springvale, Victoria, this Australian made product greatly simplifies the home brewing process by providing brewers with the option of fermenting, carbonating and transferring their beers under pressure. Brewers will also enjoy being able to see the yeast in action because the Snub Nose Fermentasaurus is crystal clear.

The Snub Nose Fermentasaurus can carbonate your clear conditioned beer and the beer can then be dispensed directly to tap, removing the need to wait for your beer to carbonate in bottles. Brewers can pressurise the vessel up to 35psi to allow them to carbonate and dispense directly from vessel like a keg. Simply attach the liquid post to a tap dispense draft system, pluto gun or picnic tap. Beer served direct from the fermenter is fresh, bright and full flavoured, completely uncompromised by oxygen.

Transferring beer to kegs or another fermenter vessels is simple, sanitary and practically anerobic (oxygen free) when performed under pressure with the ease of the included pressure lid. Simply attach a gas supply disconnect to the ball lock gas post and push the beer out of the vessel with C02 by way of the pressure lid’s floating dip tube. The floating dip tube allows only the bright beer to be picked up and transferred, leaving the sediment at the bottom of the fermenter behind. Transferring in this way requires a liquid to liquid transfer disconnect package* (2x Liquid Disconnects connected to 1.4 meters of EVAFresh 5mmID 8mm OD beverage tubing).

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