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35L Snub Nose - Gen 3


35L Snub Nose - Gen 3

The same reliable, low profile 35L conical tank with our G3 Lid that provides brewers with a higher level of fementation control with a thermowell.

All round Snub Nose is the best closed bottom fermenter on the market for price, performance and reliabiliy.

The conical shape helps stack yeast at the bottom and minimises liquid contact with the trub from your fermentation.

The new lid features are easier to use and provide a better seal since the lid components now fit neatly into the neck of the fermenter.

Brewers also get:

    • A thermowell for getting true liquid reads - No more taping your temp probes to the side of the fermenter.

    • Central Positioned Floating Pick Up Tubes - The pick up tubes now attach to the thermowell - No more floating to the sidewalls of the tank!

    • Dryhop Port - Easily add Cryo or Pellet hops direct through the port in the lid

    • Sprayball CIP compatible or can be cleaned via our new Corny Cleaner Kits!

Get the best 35L closed bottom conical fermenter on the market. Get a Snub Nose Gen 3!



658mm to top of ball lock posts on the lid

380mm wide

*** For in store pick up only ***

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