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Flaked Rice - 1KG


Flaked Rice is a versatile ingredient used in beer brewing that imparts a subtle flavor profile to the final product. Its mild and neutral taste allows it to complement other ingredients without overpowering them, making it an excellent choice for brewers looking to add complexity and balance to their beers. The use of Flaked Rice influences the taste of beer by adding a light, crisp character and enhancing its smoothness.

In addition to influencing taste, Flaked Rice also contributes certain properties that benefit the brewing process. As an unmalted adjunct, it helps increase fermentability and lighten body in the finished beer. This makes it particularly suitable for producing lighter styles such as American Lagers or pilsners where a clean, refreshing profile is desired.

Brewers often incorporate Flaked Rice into their recipes not only for its flavor-enhancing qualities but also for its ability to improve clarity and head retention. These properties make it ideal for creating bright and visually appealing beers with a creamy foam on top.

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