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Lallemand Kveik Ale Yeast 11g


Kveik is a Norwegian word meaning yeast. In the Norwegian farmhouse tradition, kveik was preserved by drying and passed from generation to generation.

  • Top fermenting yeast, Voss Kveik offers fast fermentation at very high temperatures whilst retaining a neutral flavour character with subtle citrus fruit notes. Can finish fermentation in 2-3 days, fantastic speed without impact flavours!
  • Lallemand Kveik Yeast is suitable for a range of styles from Norwegian Farmhouse Ales to Pale Ales and IPAs.
  • Fast fermentation, can finish fermentation in 2-3 days
  • 11 Gram Sachet
  • High Temperature tolerent, can go up to 30-40C!
  • Suitable for 23L

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