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MKII Temperature Controller (Heat & Cool)



MKII Temperature Controller.

NOW with programmable temperature profile
NOW with automated distillation control feature

These new advanced temperature controllers look very similar to our old model temperature controllers but these now include even more features.

The temp controller now includes settings so you can:
1. Setup a temperature profile so you can program the temp controller to step up and down the temperature over time. For optimum fermentation conditions you can program this smart temperature controller to start fermenting at one temperature, increase the temperature after a number of days then crash chill. This is done without any intervention at all. Just set and forget. You can also use this to step up the temperature of your mash tun so it will automatically step the temperature up and down as you please. The options are endless.
2. Use this to automate you distillation column. If you have ever used a reflux still you will know how painful it is to sit there waiting and watching the still drip, drip, drip. Now this controller will look after the process for you. The controller can be used to control your reflux column so you can go and relax.


- High accuracy 0.1 degree C.
- Dual plugs so you can control heating and cooling devices with the one controller
- 2 x 10amp sockets on rear; one for heating and one for cooling
- Works from -45C up to 120C
- Comes with fully waterproof probe so you can immerse the probe in water.
- Uses “50k ohm” Probe
- Manufactured in compliance with Australian Standards

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